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Rapid Weight Loss



What is hCG?  Is it a hormone?

hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonandotropin, also known as the “pregnancy hormone.”  By scientific definition, it’s actually not a hormone, but rather one of the largest glycoproteic substances or poly amino peptides and has been found in EVERY human tissue, also in males and non pregnant females. Investigators are very intrigued regarding the presence of hCG, for example in lungs, liver, stomach, etc.

hCG is produced during pregnancy to stimulate the use of fat from secondary (abnormal) fat storage or reserves, as a physiological protective mechanism to assure the health development of the fetus by feeding and nourishing the baby throughout pregnancy.

The website mentions that you do not use hCG, but rather homeopathic human (bio-active) amino chain groups.  What exactly is this?

The research team at Deseret Biologicals (DesBio), under the direction of Dr. Bruce Shelton, MD, MD(h), DiHom, FBIH, identified what are believed to be the active human amino chain groups of the entire hCG complex, that when combined with a very low calorie diet (vlcd), supports the body through weight loss.

DesBio homeopathically prepares or manufactures the hA2cg product in our FRESH START Weight Loss Program.  hA2cg stands for the 2 human (bio-active) amino chain groups used in the formula.

Do men and women respond the same to the FRESH START Weight Loss Program and very low calorie diet?

Men typically lose more weight than women on the hCG diet.  Women average a 1/2 lb. per day over the 23 day cycle, where men seem to be slightly higher.  However, individual results vary greatly and you should understand that your body is unique and your results will also be unique.

Is there a difference between homeopathic hA2cg and pharmaceutical hCG injections?

There is no definitive data that has compared the efficacy of the two options.

Most experience has shown that both methods work about the same. However, the response from those who have personally done both injections and the FRESH START Weight Loss Program with the homeopathic hA2cg formula is that the appetite control and weight loss is superior.

Much, if not almost all of the hCG being sold as injections in the US market is currently coming from unregulated sources outside of the US with questionable purity and regulation.

What are the benefits of your program when used for weight loss and obesity?

Our entire program, with the very low calorie diet, has been designed to assist and support the body in or through the following: resetting the hypothalamus, balancing hormones, utilizing secondary fat stores as a source of energy, eliminating toxins, managing and regulating blood sugar levels, supporting metabolic functions, controlling appetite and reducing cravings, supporting the body's immune system in reducing viral load, and minimizing the effects of trauma and stress.

Is 500-1000 calories per day enough?

According to Dr. Simeon, hCG or in our case hA2cg, will allow the body to burn fat equivalent to an extra 1,500-4,000 calories per day. He noted that you are living far more on what you are burning then what you are eating.

It should be noted that a 500-1000 calorie per day diet should be medically supervised and in our opinion only for a short term (3-6 weeks) in conjunction with a program like the FRESH START Weight Loss Program that supports the body’s natural physiological function.  This helps protect the breakdown of muscle, including important cardiac muscle, and triggers or stimulates the release or breakdown of fat for weight loss and energy requirements.

Is the FRESH START Weight Loss Program medically supervised?

Yes.  We have a licensed health care provider on staff, as well as relationships with several other medical providers.  You will have unlimited email support with clinical staff trained in the administration of our program.  If at any point our staff believes a medical caution or contraindication is present we can and will properly advise you.

What if I continue to experience hunger on the FRESH START Weight Loss Program?

Many people experience no hunger whatsoever on the program, but it’s certainly not unrealistic to potentially have some minor level of hunger, especially during the first 2-3 days.  The entire program and supporting products have been designed and formulated to really minimize hunger, cravings, etc.  However, there are reasons why you may experience hunger.  First, consult one of our physicians.  Secondly, if you’re body is use to a very high calorie diet laden with carbohydrates and sugar, you may have minor withdrawal symptoms that contribute to hunger and cravings.  Third, you may be chronically dehydrated.  We recommend drinking ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily.  Drinking 8-12 oz. of water first thing in the morning, prior to each meal/snack, and throughout the day will assist in reducing hunger.

Will I lose any muscle mass?

On our program the body burns fat as its primary source of energy.  However, some subjective information related to our program (i.e. individual responses and informal feedback) has suggested that some muscle/protein loss is still experienced during the very low calorie diet phase of our program.  This is actually rather normal.  Anytime you engage in a very low calorie diet there will be muscle loss.  However, if you support the body correctly, muscle loss will be minimal and the majority of weight loss should be from fat.

Do I have to do either a 3 week or 6 week program?

No.  We recommend a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks.  Technically, you can stop the program anytime between 3 and 6 weeks and properly transition into the 3 week maintenance phase, explained in Dr. Simeons’ book as well as our Evolution Weight Management Guide that you will receive upon start of the program.

How do I know how long of a program I need?

The length of program largely depends on how much weight you need to lose.  Generally 3-week programs are for those who need to lose 10-15 lbs. and 6 week programs are for those who need to lose upwards of 40 lbs.

Can personal and home care products really affect my weight loss?

Yes.  While we do not observe this phenomenon with everyone, it does happen and there is no way of predicting who may be affected and exactly what type of products may be responsible.  The main culprit tends to be high fat or predominantly oil based personal and home care products such as soaps, lotions, shaving creams and gels, certain toothpaste, some deodorants, make-up, etc.

Dr. Simeons’ book, "Pounds and Inches" specifically addresses this issue.  We would highly encourage you to remove such products from use while on the program.

Can I stay on the program longer than 6 weeks?

No.  Your body can build up immunity to the very low calorie diet and supporting products, typically around the 6 week mark.  Additionally, very low calorie diets should only be used short term.  Some people require two or several rounds of the FRESH START Weight Loss Program to meet their weight loss goals.  This is accomplished by properly cycling off our program 6 weeks between round 1 and 2, and 8 weeks between round 2 and 3.

Is there a limit to the amount of weight I can lose?

Yes.  Typically the maximum amount of weight you can safely lose on our program is 34 lbs.  There are some instances where the maximum limit can be extended to 40 lbs., but that’s almost always done with those who are several hundred pounds overweight.

Can I exercise, lift weights, or play sports while on the program?

It depends on which program is recommended.
Moderate to heavy activity is not recommended during the very low calorie lean body program even though Simeons seemed to vaguely imply it was ok.  If you have been performing moderate to heavy activity for long periods before beginning the protocol, it is recommended that you plan on adjusting routines to less rigorous activities or follow the low calorie moderatley restricted program. For most people, very light activity such as a leisurely walk in moderate temperatures is all that is recommended during the very low calorie phase of the diet. If you have not done any regular exercise prior  to the diet you should take great caution in performing any activity that requires significant physical exertion.

What kind of foods will I eat?

You will eat a combination of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.  Both Dr. Simeons’ book, “Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity,” and our guidebook will instruct you on exactly what foods and precisely how much of each food.

If you have not already read Dr. Simeon’s book, you can get the eBook by clicking on this link.

Couldn’t I just follow a very low calorie diet and lose just as much weight, without the FRESH START Weight Loss Program?

The truth is that our program does not render weight loss any better than other very low calorie diets.  However, participants on our program lost more body fat than non treated patients, protected important muscle tissue from breakdown, and greatly assisted in the transition to the maintenance diet and beyond without gaining the weight back.  Additionally, the FRESH START Weight Loss Program is clinically designed to address several underlying causes that lead to weight gain and inability to lose weight.  This is a comprehensive program that supports natural and normal physiological function.

Why does your program include a detox protocol?

Most weight loss programs fail to address the importance of detoxification.  The FRESH START Weight Loss Program, when used with a very low calorie diet, targets and mobilizes abnormal fat cells, releasing 1500 - 4000 calories and nutrients into the blood stream, resulting in weight loss from all those hard to lose areas.  Unfortunately, fat cells are a primary site of toxin storage.  When fat cells release of calories and nutrients, they also releases toxins.  If these toxins are not safely captured and eliminated from the body, they simply lodge somewhere else, potentially affecting your long term health.  As a result, the body may become overwhelmed with these toxins and unable to focus on weight loss and tissue regeneration.
For this reason, we firmly believe that it's clinically necessary to support and aid detoxification while on our program.  This is another distinguishing difference with our program and optimizes your success for healthy weight loss!

What should women do with respect to their periods?

Women who are planning on doing the program should start the program immediately at the end of their period. It is not recommended that it be started at any other time.

Once menses has begun, women should discontinue the use of the hA2cg only (continue all other supplements) for the three days of their period with the most significant volume. They should restart the hA2cg after those three days.

Some women may experience hunger during this time and an increase in caloric intake may be required. Your physician may adjust your calories accordingly during this time.

The hA2cg “off days” count towards the 23 and 46 day periods.

Weight gain during this time may fluctuate dramatically and women should not be concerned with weight fluctuations during their period.

Can pregnant or breast-feeding women participate in this program?

No.  Women who are pregnant, breast feeding, attempting to become pregnant, or have recently miscarried should not participate in the FRESH START Weight Loss Program.
Women who have miscarried should wait a sufficient amount of time before starting the FRESH START Weight Loss Program.  Typically no less than 6-8 weeks.

Are there any contraindications to your hA2cg program?

Yes.  Anyone with material health issues should take great caution before beginning our program, including full blood work and close monitoring.  For example purposes  we have provided a list below in which we would discourage you from participating in this program and other instances in which we recommend you speak to our clinical staff or your physician and be closely monitored (this list is not meant in any way to be all inclusive):

Do Not Participate
1.   Patients with weak or compromised immune systems (or those who get an infection during the hCG diet) and/or patients taking antibiotics
2.   Patients with “Brittle” or hard to control diabetes
3.   Patients with untreated Graves Disease
4.   Hypertensives needing 2 or more drugs to control pressure
5.   Hypotensives
6.   Patients on Chemotherapy
7.   Cancer patients not in remission
8.   Pregnant Patients
9.   Tuberculosis Patients
10. Patients with Gall Bladder Colic
11. Patients with Unstable Gout
12. Patients with Unstable Angina

 Monitored Closely
1.   Diabetics in General
2.   Patients with Hypothyroid
3.   Stable Hypertensives
4.   Anxiety/Depression Patients
5.   Recovering Alcoholics/Addicts
6.   Drug Addicts or Recovering Addicts
7.   Patients who have issues with electrolyte balance or dehydration
8.   Current or historical Cardiac Arrhythmia

Will I experience any symptoms or side-effects on the program?

Common symptoms or side-effects include mild headache, decrease in energy, mild weakness, and occasionally mild nausea.  Many people experience no symptoms at all, especially if they properly fat load and follow the program as outlined.

Symptoms are generally short in duration, ranging from the first 1-3 days and typically contributed to slow transition of the body to fat burning, withdrawal symptoms, and/or toxicity.

What if I am on medications?

Please note that even though some of our products may contain warnings, the ingredients are generally considered safe and complimentary to medications more so than contraindicated. This means that the herbal products/ingredients could potentially decrease your need or dependency for your medications. Because of the infinite number of combinations it is not possible for us to make a determination as to what herbs and drug interactions may have such effects.

We have had people either normalize and go off medications or significantly reduce the dosage of their medications for hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), and dysinsulinism (blood sugar issues).

We are not permitted to make claims for the treatment of such conditions or give medical advice as to the use, discontinuation, or dose of your medications and nothing written, commented on, or said throughout our website and/or email correspondence should be taken as medical advice.

It is our opinion, however, that if you experience less need for your medications, the solution is not to decrease or stop using the herbal or any other alternative medicine, but rather to work with your doctor to decrease or taper off your medication in favor of the safer alternative with no or minimal side effect or risk.
However, the very low calorie diet and excessive weight loss can have a myriad of physiological effects. These effects need to be monitored and may influence thyroid, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.   You may need to be carefully monitored and evaluated with the specific circumstances. You will need to pay close attention to your medication needs, which may change as you go through our program. Many times dosages may need to be reduced.  You should have a checkup with your primary care physician if you believe your condition and/or medications should be monitored.

What if I’m taking supplements?

Generally speaking, it’s not a problem.  Although the original Simeons diet said that no oils were allowed, the benefits of EFAs/Omega 3 and 6 and Vitamin E during the diet outweigh the potential downside related to the weight loss, and they should be consumed during the diet.

Do you have specific supplement recommendations in addition to the core program products which include Multi-Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids?

Depending on the issues experienced by individual patients, they may need key additional supplements.

Those may include:

Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium +Enzymes
Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and 6)
Vitamin B-12

How much water should I be drinking?

Generally, you should drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day.  If you get bored drinking water, try adding flavored stevia to sweeten the taste or add fresh squeezed lemon.

What should I do if I am not losing weight?

First, make sure you have read Dr. Simeons’ book, the FAQ’s, and all of the resources.  All contain troubleshooting suggestions.  Secondly, you have unlimited email access to a FRESH START Weight Loss support coach.  Email freshstart4u@verizon.net.

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